We Care.

All of our staff joined our team because they are passionate about social justice.

We Advocate.

We Serve.

Here at Umpqua Valley Public Defender (UVPD) we are a group of attorneys, core staff, and investigators that are dedicated to providing quality legal services.

Because we are a nonprofit, UVPD has the resources to be able to put policies and practices in place to make sure we support our attorneys so they can focus on taking care of you and your needs.

Because our public defenders work with the same judges and Deputy district attorneys (DDA) every day they get to know them better than many private attorneys. This means that our attorneys often know the quirks, peeves and tolerances of the DDA’s and judges, and can use this knowledge to know how to proceed with a case. They also see the same police officers testifying and know who’s likely going to be a good or bad witness for your case. 

In addition, UVPD is constantly eager and working toward developing more resources to assist our clients. A program we offer is “pre appointment representation”. This program is designed to provide qualifying families who are being investigated by child welfare with legal assistance in order to support families.

Though UVPD tries to provide as much support as we can to our attorneys, they still have a lot of clients. Because of this, please keep us updated with your current contact information, and any other information that may be useful for your case.

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