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If you are a new client please go to our “New Client” tab and read through the information.

Important information about E-mail

  • Time sensitive information nay be difficult to get to your attorney in time
  • Confidential information and records are best brought in person
  • Please put your name and your attorneys name in the subject line of your e-mails so the staff can forward it appropriately
  • We reservice the right to block your e-mail address if you spam us with e-mails

Helpful Information

Douglas County

  • Circuit Court: 541-957-2470
  • Sheriff’s Office: 541-440-4450
  • Parole and Probation: 541-975-8148

Contact information:

Phone: 541- 957-5344

Toll Free: 800-400-8256

Fax: 541-673-2748


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